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Best air fryer under $100

Best air fryer under $100

In order to prepare healthier meals, you want to buy a fryer without oil.
And yes, by not plunging the potatoes into the oil, you finally get chips with less than 3% fat . Except that for the moment you are a little lost, between the different models. How to know which oilless fryer to buy for your family?

I propose to go around the question, to discover the favorite models of our readers and the details that make the difference between two fryers . No doubt you will quickly earn points from your children (and lose your balance?).

What is an oil free fryer?

In principle to prepare french fries, you have to bathe the potatoes in oil. This contributes to the taste while considerably increasing the level of fat in the plate.

The fryer without oil prepares fries, but also other dishes using only one spoon of oil. For the rest, it is hot air propelled who takes care of cooking. We still get crispy fries and light.

How to choose an electric fryer without oil?

Here are the different elements not to miss to know which fryer to buy and be satisfied with your purchase. Of course, the price is also a criterion, but so obvious, that I did not include it below.

The capacity of the tank

This is to answer the question: for how many people do you want to prepare fries. On average it takes 250 grams per person. The tanks of oil-free fryers can vary from 700 g to 1.5 kg. However, pay close attention to the unit of measure used.

The cooking time

This time varies according to the potency and capacity of the tank. It is usually indicated in the description of the device. And thankfully because it can vary from 12 minutes to 45 minutes.

Automatic shutdown and ergonomics

Learn about usability. For me the automatic shutdown is important because you can really do something else while it cooks, without keeping an eye in the kitchen. Another practical detail, the presence of a porthole on the top (or the front) to follow the evolution of cooking.

Accessories and cooking possibilities

The recipes are available on a free app. But it requires to be able to adjust the power, or to have two cooking zones.

In the other accessories available, it is also possible to receive a dosing spoon, a recipe book, a timer, etc.

Design and format

First, look at the size of your kitchen and where you can put the fryer. Some models are lightweight to be stowed at the end of each use. Others aim to stay in place on the work plan permanently.

The top 5 bestsellers of air fryer under $100

If the top 3 did not allow you to find the perfect oil free fryer, maybe you will find your happiness in this top 5. Established by consumers like you and me, it offers a broader view of what exists and different rates.

Why buy a fryer without oil?

Here the answer is easy and everyone has at least one argument in mind. Making fries without oil is healthier (less fat), it avoids bad smells and you will gradually save money by buying almost no more cooking oil.

And it’s like other automated cooking devices . The appliance takes care of everything and so it is possible to do something else during cooking, to move away from the kitchen or to prepare the rest of the meal without making a fuss.

What is the price of an electric fryer without oil?

For a quality fryer ,This allows you to have a known brand (and therefore an easy to use warranty), as well as a device that will limit the emission of odors. Read more about emeril air fryer

How to use a fryer without oil?

Not long ago, I discovered that not everyone knew how to choose your potatoes based on how you use them. In general it’s not too hard because it’s written on the package. So here you have to opt for potatoes for french fries.

Start by preparing them. We must peel them (or not, at home, we just wash the skin) and cut them into fried format. Pass them well under water , then wipe them thoroughly. So you remove some of the starch (this technique is valid for fried potatoes also and it really makes a difference).

Check with the manual of your fryer details of its use (programming or not the thermostat and timer). But in general, just put the fries in the deep fat fryer with a spoon of oil. To perfume them a little, you can add some spices (paprika, curry) before the fryer or just before serving (salt, thyme).

Note that not all oils are suitable for frying and can become bad for cooking. You must choose sunflower oil or olive oil as a priority in order to avoid heart problems.

What I like

I especially like the fact that the fryer without oil emits very little smell . I also appreciate the savings of time and money (I buy almost no oil, except for cakes). Yes, they do not have the same taste as fries cooked in water. In my eyes they are different, neither less good nor better, but it is a personal taste.

What I do not like

By cons I’m not a fan of the cooking time of the cheapest devices. With a cooking time of 45 minutes, it is mandatory to anticipate the fried evening!


That’s it, we went around. So if we summarize, before you decide, make sure that you have chosen a model that allows the whole family to eat fries and you know exactly how long cooking will take and How to choose air fryer?For the rest, it depends on you and your preferences.

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