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Best cotton candy machine 2019

Add a sweeter touch to your next kermes, school or religious event, or just spoil your kids with an old-fashioned candy at home with one of those cotton candy machines. Our list includes options for personal and commercial use, categorized by price, durability and production speed. This comparison will help you find the best cotton candy machine you will need.

What is the best cotton candy machine in 2019? The opinion of a confectioner

best cotton candy machine

For nearly a century, Daddy’s beard has been a veritable emblem of funfairs in France. It is also found in some circuses and cinemas. This confectionery, made with sugar filaments and wrapped around a stick, delighted both children and adults ! This means that just eating cotton candy alone is an attraction. It is sweet, sweet, colorful, it looks like wool to touch before becoming crispy and melting in the mouth!

In the past, this confectionery was only available at carnivals. But today, it has become possible to make it from home thanks to the marketing of cotton candy machines for the individual! 

As a pastry chef and confectioner , I had to use a lot of different candy floss machines . And so to give me an opinion on the different models available on the market. As you will see through the next lines, all cotton candy machines are not equal.

Here are the important criteria to check before buying your future cotton candy machine: 

1.The type of device

There are two types of cotton candy machines in the trade: 

The professional cotton candy machine:

These devices are more powerful and intended for regular use and quite common. These devices can also make big candy floss identical to those found in carnivals. The efficiency of these machines is also higher and allows you to make cotton candy in less than a minute . Not to mention the service life which is much longer, thanks to the use of robust material such as stainless steel. On the other hand, professional cotton candy machines are a little more cumbersome, heavier and more expensive than domestic models.

The machine with a cotton candy 

Domestic appliances are rather intended for a very occasional use . They allow to make small cotton candy , with more or less efficiency depending on the model. The yield is a bit slower (between 60 and 90 seconds for a cotton candy) but these machines are often quite compact and space-saving. And above all, they are much cheaper than professional models. 

2.The power

This is a decisive factor in the purchase of a cotton candy machine. The power required will not be the same whether you are an individual or a professional. This power is expressed in Watts, as on many home appliances.

For a cotton candy machine of professional quality , I recommend a minimum of 1000 Watts (1200 Watts ideally).

For a household candy floss machine , go for a minimum of 400 Watts (500 Watts ideally).

The power is very important because it will determine the speed of rotation. And the higher the speed of rotation, the finer the filaments . Of course, this same power is to be compared with the diameter of the cooking bowl. The bigger it is, the smoother your candy machine will need to be.

3.The dimensions and the diameter of the tank

As we saw above, professional machines are much more cumbersome than domestic models. Consider this criterion before your purchase, especially if you run out of space or want to store the device in a particular place.

It will also take into account the diameter of the tank . The bigger it is, the more you can make big beards with cotton candy. With a diameter greater than 50 cm , you can make a cotton candy the size of a head. 

4. The ease of maintenance

Since the apparatus is intended for cooking sugar, it is therefore preferable that it is simple to clean and maintain. I am thinking in particular of the bowl of your cotton candy machine. Favor preferably the models having a removable tank . Thus, you will have a lot of ease to clean it. And if the tank is stainless steel, it’s a plus, because you can wash it in the dishwasher.

5 The weight

If your papa machine is intended to stay fixed on a worktop, then it is better to choose a sufficiently heavy model because the stability will be better. Conversely, if you plan to move it regularly, go on a lighter device. Professional machines usually weigh between 10 and 15 kg . For small household appliances, the weight is between 1 and 5 kg . 

6 The price

Price is always a determining factor in the purchase of a device of this type. Of course, professional cotton candy machines are much more expensive than home appliances. 

Count between 300 and 600 $ for a professional machine (excluding promotion).

For a model for domestic use , the price is between 50 and 100 € generally. 

Avoid the first price devices , they are low end models very long to heat, inefficient and with a very low life. Such an investment would prove unprofitable in the long run. 

I also invite you to buy your device on merchant sites like Amazon. I noticed that prices were much more attractive than in stores, where prices sometimes fly away. 

7. Customer Reviews

It is always good to learn about the opinions of previous buyers. And nowadays, thanks to the Internet, it is very easy to consult the customer evaluations. After that, it is always normal to find negative ratings even on very good devices. We do not all have the same level of requirement and some people may have had a bad experience.  It would be unwise to buy a device with a rating of less than 3 stars.

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