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How to choose an electric fireplace?

How to choose an electric fireplace?

With the arrival of cold weather, we like to snuggle comfortably inside. What’s better than a hot chocolate in front of a fireplace after spending the day outdoors! However, it is not always possible to have a gas or wood fireplace at home. An electric fireplace can therefore be an economical solution requiring no major installation.

When, you have to choose Most realistic electric fireplace , you do not really know where to turn because many brands and models are available. When choosing the electric fireplace, the criteria to consider when making an informed choice are: the type of electric fireplaces, the design, the material, the flame effect, the power, the security and finally the price.

Types of electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are arranged in two distinct categories: inserts or recessed and nomadic or mobile.

The inserts are chimneys that fit into the spaces that have been moved especially for them and even in the out of order chimney locations. Still called built-in fireplaces, they are fixed unlike nomadic or mobile models. Some of his models are available to order to fill the void of a natural fireplace. Since they must fit in a chimney, their dimensions must be proportional to the chimney to be filled. It does not help much to buy an insert and not be able to embed it.

Nomadic or mobile chimneys are fireplaces that are not intended to be built-in. They can be placed on the floor, fixed to the wall or placed on additional furniture. They are economical in terms of space when they are fixed to the wall. Also they are in miniaturized version and for the most part autonomous. The wall fixing makes these fireplaces true masterpieces of decoration that sublimate the room. They are more affordable and very easy to handle. What we deplore in this range is that they have a low heat output, so heating little.


Design is something important to consider for the electric fireplace to fit your interior. These fireplaces can be in a Gregorian, Victorian or contemporary style. For classic furniture, a fireplace in vintage style is a priority. For an apartment decorated in a modern style, contemporary design is the right one.

Keep in mind that the electric fireplace is not only a heater but also a piece of furniture that can either enhance or tarnish your home. The colors, the structure, everything must be taken into account to make a good choice. The color of the chimney of your choice must be in agreement with the other shades of the room of destination. It must be said that the black or white chimneys fit the majority of decorations.

The material

Electric fireplaces are designed with various materials such as wood, glass and steel. We recommend to recommend steel chimneys because they are very resistant for your choice of mobile electric fireplace. Indeed, even if your chimney falls, which is rare, your chimney does not suffer much damage. For models of built-in electric fireplaces, wood and glass can be considered. They are safe from falls anyway, you do not have to fear for their resistance.

The flame effect

If there is an attribute of electric fireplaces that sometimes makes them confused and even more appreciated than natural fireplaces, it is their flame effect. The more realistic the flame, the better. The realism of the flames is based on the level of brilliance, the color options. Chimneys with the maximum brightness level of up to 4 and those with the most color options are to be considered. This flames effect is based on LED lamps that some electric fireplaces offer the possibility to extend. To push the realism to the extreme, some chimneys have stones embedded in the middle of the flames or show the burned wood. With crackles that mimic the fire you have the perfect replica of a natural fireplace. No one will suspect that this fireplace is electric.


The power of the chimney is appreciated in relation to the place where it will be arranged. To heat a space of 10 m2, 1 kW is sufficient. Therefore for a space of 15 m2, an electric fireplace with a power of 1500 W is required. Depending on your surface, evaluate the power you need to not be disappointed by a non-performing heater. Recessed electric chimneys have more power than nomadic electric fireplaces that are more decorative than warm. The average power of electric fireplaces oscillates between 1500 W and 2000 W.


With these electrical devices instead of the chimney, safety is an aspect to take into account. The electric fireplace must incorporate functions that are considerate of any risk. For example on models, the heater can not be started until the flame is lit. This tells users that the internal radiator of the chimney is running. In addition, some fireplaces are equipped with overheating protection and thermo-security. The thermo-security triggers the automatic stopping of the chimney in case of forgetfulness and overheating.

The price

Electric fireplaces are available for all budgets. Already from 100 euros up to 3000 euros, each buyer finds on its behalf. The price varies according to the brand, the power and the type of chimney. Brands, given the effort they invest in designing designs and innovations can set a price accordingly. A fireplace with a well-designed, meticulously designed design will be more expensive than a simple-looking fireplace.

Power is a very important aspect of these chimneys that weighs in the price balance. For a fairly powerful and powerful fireplace, you have to put the necessary price. With regard to the types of chimneys, the inserts are more expensive than the mobiles. This is due to the superior decoration of these models and the likely additional cost of their installation.

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