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How to turn on electric fireplace?

How to turn on electric fireplace?

What is a most realistic electric fireplace?

An electric chimney is an installation replacing a real chimney, the latter being binding on several aspects. This new type of fireplace is designed for easy, pleasant and safe use. It works by being connected to an electrical outlet. This fireplace can be mobile as fixed and recessed as central.

What are electric chimneys?

  • an ultrasonic steam generator composed of a metal diaphragm, which vibrates in the form of microdroplets of water. This system integrating water into an electrical circuit induces infiltrations of this water into the electrical system which in the long run weakens it and puts it out of order
  • Halogen or LED lights illuminate the water vapor, creating the effect of smoke. On our Fireplaces Passion models, we opted for a much more stable and durable system. False flames are generated by a ramp of LED lamps and aluminum fins that rotate around an axis (such as a spindle) providing an effect of embers and flames.
  • a thermo-security activating and stopping the chimney in case of overheating or forgetfulness.
  • a remote control to manage the chimney remotely (not available on all models).

All these elements are incorporated in an aestheticism ranging from the visual of the traditional fireplace to the sleek design of the most modern.

What is the purpose of an electric fireplace?

The electric fireplace occupies several functions, the first of which is the decorative flame effect and the second to heat. Equipped with a blower, the fireplace sends heat into the room in which it is installed. Often equipped with several powers, its heater replaces that of an auxiliary heater.

This fireplace is also chosen for its decorative and relaxing functions. Its fire flames focus can be set to different intensities, creating a warm and zen atmosphere. The heating mode is separated from the “flames” function allowing the use of the fireplace according to the desires of each one. Its fine droplets of water, necessary for the illusion, also allow the winter to humidify the air when the heating is on, thus avoiding the use of an air humidifier (the Passion Fireplaces do not use this system weakens the chimney by creating short circuits in the long run).

What are its advantages compared to the traditional fireplace?

The electric fireplace is installed according to the client’s wishes. Needing no duct, its maintenance is zero. Its fictitious flames represent no risk of burns or respiratory hazards by not emitting any harmful smoke unlike standard chimneys. This new generation of chimney is totally devoid of health risks. It goes even, when the ambient air is dry, to provide a feeling of respiratory well-being.

The heat it releases quickly heats the room, thanks to its ventilation that sweeps the flow of fresh air. Existing under different aspects, its aesthetic is included in the decoration of the place where it is installed.

This type of fireplace revolutionizes interiors. More than a compromise in the traditional home, it reinvents the codes, thus allowing more comfort and security.

An electric fireplace in the house is becoming more realistic. Want to warm up your interior and create a warm atmosphere. We will see together, the types of electric fireplaces they exist and their operation.

Whatever the type of electric fireplace, we take advantage of a fireplace that brings a warm and pleasant heat.

Fireplaces to ask

Fireplaces to pose are usually not very impressive. It can be placed anywhere, on a floor or glued to the wall . The tenants are more and more interested, because if they are moved, they can take it with them without any problem. You can find many design so that your fireplace fits easily into your decor. Its mobile fireplaces are affordable and easy to use. But as they are smaller, it heats a little less.

The electric inserts

The electric inserts are more imposing. They are usually put in the place of a real chimney insert, or they create a place for it. They replace the already existing fireplace, but that does not work anymore. They become a centerpiece of your home. These inserts are customizable and custom created. Its price is also affordable and easy to use. They warm a little more, because they are bigger than the chimneys to put.


Anyone can install one, just an electrical outlet and a small place to install it. The flame  of the electric fireplace is only an optical illusion. It’s the light that reflects through a mirror game. The feeling of embers moving under false logs gives a perfect illusion.
Just press a start button and manage the heat and height of the flames with the remote control, a breeze. With this operation, you can light the fireplace without heating. Which means that you can enjoy the fireplace in the winter to warm up and make your home warm. But also the summer, for a decorative effect very pleasant and surprising.
With a power of 1500 W, we obtain a heat of about 5000 BTU per hour. These electric fireplaces can heat a room without overheating it. We can manage the temperature with the thermostat from his sofa.
If your fireplace is on and it is heating, the consumption will be between 7 and 10 cents an hour. And if it is lit, but does not heat, the consumption will be 2 cents an hour.
It does not require any particular work. 

It is economical, because of its affordable price and its use, which makes it possible to reduce consumption. It is very decorative thanks to its LED bulbsand create in an instant a cozy atmosphere. No risk of fire since there is no flame. No need to clean the inside of the glass, put wood and do not dirty your house, no maintenance.
These fireplaces will never replace the heat of a real fireplace and the smell of wood. But they remain a solution for the nostalgic.

How to choose an electric fireplace?

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