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Induction cooktop with downdraft 2019

Induction cooktop with downdraft 2019

Fast, comfortable and energy-efficient cooking is what an Induction cooktop with downdraft promises. The innovative hobs are hardly distinguishable from a conventional ceramic hob, but under the glass ceramic plate, a completely different technique is used. Cooking with induction means fast-reacting cooking like with a gas stove and it is not for nothing that cooking is often done with induction in gastronomy today. The practical induction hobs are also used in the cooking studios of the numerous television chefs.

Who is interested in cooking, so today no longer past an induction hob. But what makes cooking with induction so special, how does induction work and what distinguishes an induction hob from a conventional ceramic Induction cooktop? 

What is a Induction cooktop with downdraft ?

Induction cooktop with downdraft
Induction cooktop with downdraft

Kitchen utensils have diversified over the years, both in form and in practicality. Among these utensils, there are cooktops , available in different materials. This is electrical kitchen equipment with a resistance that transmits its heat to a material capable of showing inertia, that is to say that the body that receives the heat produced must certainly be able to heat itself, but more importantly, it must be able to contain this heat.

The Induction cooktop with downdraft looks like an ordinary stove, except that instead of fireplaces, there are plates. These are the elements that, once properly heated, allow cooking. They may be vitroceramic, stone, cast iron, or any other material capable of diffusing and containing heat between 60 and 220 ° C. The hobs can also work with gas.

This appliance is used to prepare a food over low heat or high heat, depending on the type of hob. However, a cooktop requires a large space in your kitchen. Induction Induction cooktop are the most used because they are very fast and convenient. There are also vitroceramic hotplates, which are within everyone’s reach. They exist in a double focus. Electric or gas hobs are also available on the market.

This is how cooking with induction works

Like a conventional electric cooker or a glass ceramic hob, an induction Induction cooktop is powered by electricity. But that ends the similarities, because the way the food is heated, is fundamentally different. Whether you are looking for an old-fashioned electric cooker or a glass-ceramic hob, both use heating spirals or infrared heating elements that heat up the cooking zone or the cooking plate. Now put a pot or a pan on the hot plate, the heat is passed to the cookware and the food in the pot are heated.

The induction cooktop works quite differently. The induction does not work with heating elements and the cookware is not heated by a hot plate, but under the individual cooking zones are so-called induction coils. They do not heat the cooktop but only the cookware that is placed on the hob so that the glass-ceramic plate itself remains cold except for the radiant heat of the heated cookware. 

Unlike the conventional electric cooktop s, the Induction cooktop with downdraft does not take the detour via a hot plate to heat pot and food, but the heat goes directly from the induction coil in the bottom of the pot and the glass ceramic surface serves primarily as a footprint for the cookware.The fact that not only a hot plate or a hob must be heated in an induction cooktop , but the heat is passed directly to the cookware without detours, the induction cooktop works on the one hand much more energy efficient and on the other hand, much faster than a conventional cooktop.

How to choose a cooktop?

Induction cooktop with downdraft

It is very important to know how to choose the cooktop . It’s all the comfort of use that depends on it. Here are the criteria to consider in order to make the best possible choice in this area.

You will first need to determine the space in which you plan to place your device. Knowledge will allow you to decide how many plates your cooktop will be equipped with. Two plates is the ideal number for spaces that are somewhat confined. However, you can aim up to 6 plates if you have the necessary space.

The power of the hob is another aspect that will have to linger a little. The power range is between 500 and 5000 watts . For home use, it is best to aim between 500 and 1500 watts . The hobs can produce 5000 watts are also those who are able to heat a wok. The wok is a container of great capacity. You will only need such equipment if you are used to cooking to feed many people.

Then you have to go to the side of the functions and options of use. The hobs are equipped with a control for a better grip. These exist in four forms. There are sliders, touch screens, sensitive controls and joysticks.

As a last resort, one must take a look at what the machine offers in terms of safety. It is important that the table stays cold despite the heat to avoid burns. An automatic shutdown function as well as a container detection function will not be luxury either. It would also be convenient to check if the equipment has an anti-heating and anti-overflow system.

Why buy a Induction cooktop with downdraft ?

The advantages you will have of having a device of this type appear to the use that you make of it. First, your kitchen will be done now in a very short time. This is all the more possible as you have the option of modulating the temperature according to your needs, which allows you to speed up the cooking process. Similarly, with a cooktop , you do not have to wait until the plates reach a maximum temperature before you start using them.

As for the maintenance, it is not at all binding. There are no deep cavities to clean or remove grease or embedded particles in hard-to-reach areas. A simple sponge is enough for the utensil to be clean. In addition, not only will you not have heat loss, but you will consume less electricity with a cooktop.

How to use a Induction cooktop with downdraft ?

It is important to understand that the type of container you will use on the cooktop must have certain characteristics. It must be able to spread the heat evenly so that the kitchen is done in good conditions. Thus, it will be necessary to favor metal or ceramic containers. Plastic is to be avoided. Turning on and off the machine are actually children’s games. The different functions available will allow you to cook in better conditions while choosing the temperature at which you want to cook your food.

Cleaning the machine is an aspect that should not be neglected. You must do it either before or after use and pay particular attention to the plates. It should be noted, however, that when you decide to clean your machine after use, it is best to wait for the heat to dissipate. Soft, absorbent paper towels or a soft cloth are effective allies for this cleaning. For stains or debris, use a squeegee or use detergent approved for this type of cleaning.

The different types of Induction cooktop

There are several types of cooking on the market. Among other models, you can find:

  • The ceramic cooktops : with this type of hob , the plates can be operated in two types of principles. They can work by radiation (radiant) or by halogen.
  • The induction cooktops : all models and available operating modes, induction is considered the most successful.
  • The gas cooktops : less and less in use, the gas cooktop is the first kitchen appliance of this type. It still retains some advantages like that of the instantaneous change of temperature.
  • The mixed hobs : with this type of tables, the possible combinations are: induction and ceramic, gas and induction, gas and electric, gas and ceramic.

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