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Best Red Copper Pan Reviews 2020

Red Copper Pan As Seen As TV

​Tired of scraping your pan. Here is the solution: Red Copper Pan the Revolutionary pan made with Non-stick Ceramic

Red Copper Pan Non-stick Ceramic

Guaranteed Scratch Free Forever

Red Copper Pan Guaranteed Scratch Free

LightWeight – Super Strong

Red Copper Pan LightWeight - Super Strong

Scratch Free Your Food

Red Copper Pan Scratch Free Your Food

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees

No Sticking – Everything Slides right out

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees

Cook my healthy crispy, chicken fingers with little or no fat or oil

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees

Time Saver without a mixing bowl

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees

Everything slide even caramelize sugar

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees

Baking pan with a handle, Oven Safe 500 degrees
  • Red Copper uses 100% pure copper
  • Red copper is PFOA & PTFE Free. Save for you and your family.
  • Dishwasher Safe
red copper pan reviews

Red Copper As Seen As TV Video

Red Copper Pan Reviews

Review Test 1

Review of the red copper pan:
The red copper pan is another one of those As Seen On TV products claims to do some incredible things. It is marketed as an ultra tough ceramic copper pan as advertised by the number one best-selling author Cathy Mitchell. 

The red copper pan claims to be:

  • PTFE & PFOA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven Safe up to 500o
  • Won’t scratch, chip, or peel
  • Safe to use with metal utensils
  • No butter, oil or grease needed
red copper pan  simple plastic cover

The pan came packaged with just a simple plastic cover. Once removed, instructions that came with the span are very limited.

Easy step-by-step guide on how to before you start:

All that was necessary was just to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the pan, place it in a 300-degree oven for 20 minutesAfter that, you have to let it cool completely, wipe it clean with a towel​

red copper pan  information

Now I’m disappointed in that the print on the bottom of the instructions say that this pan is best washed with warm water and mild soap towel-dry.

This is very different from one of the major claims that this pan is dishwasher safe

red copper pan  information dishwasher

Heads up quick

I would say that this pan heats up fairly quickYou can get the pan pretty pod in under a minute or so.However, I wouldn’t say that it’s much quicker the most of the other pants that I use

red copper pan heats up quick

Egg Test 1

First and foremost I wanted to start out with the egg test. The test out just how well this pan performs without butter oil or any kind of grease.

I made sure to heat up the fan fairly well and cracked open one egg

You can see this look promising from the beginning. However, I was not able to move the egg around the pan at all

Once I tried to loosen the egg. Left with black marks 

red copper pan egg Test 1

Egg Test 2

Cracked another egg on red copper pan

But it was definitely not going anywhere

Not only could I not moving around the pan but it was also hard to even scrape it off with a spatula

The end result was a pretty disastrous burnt egg

red copper pan egg Test 2

Caramelized Sugar Test

I was able to melt the sugar with some water and make a syrup fairly pain

It came off the pan quite easily and left it pretty clean

red copper pan Caramelized Sugar Test

Fork Test

So to test I took a fork and scratch the pan directly with it

Applied modern pressure and if you look closely

Definitely left small scratches on the surface

red copper pan Fork Test

When I looked closer I also saw a dent on the side of the pan.What the top coating chipped off.

I’m not sure whether or not the scan came this way or is it during my testing

red copper pan Fork Test 2

Dishwasher Safe

I did run this pan the dishwasher cycle one. It did hold up fairly well

However, it gave the fact that this company recommends Hand washed and towel dried

red copper pan Fork Test

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper


Here you can see the two pans side by side

The red copper pan slightly larger pan at 10 inches in diameter and the Gotham is 9.5

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper Size


The red copper states is a combination Ceramic and copper

While the Gotham Steel claims that it’s made with ceramic and TitaniumT

he color of the red copper pan is just slightly later

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper Color

Heating plates

Another difference are the heating plates on the bottom of the pan

The red copper pan has a bigger plate that almost covers the entire bottom of pan

The Gotham steel only has a ring around the edges and nothing in the center.

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper Heating


Besides these differences these two pans look and perform almost identically the same.

Repeat the egg test and as you can see the results are disastrous similar to the egg that was cooked on the red copper pan

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper Results

Final Test RESULT

Red Copper Pan Final Test

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